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Things to Know

Before You Book

(Terms & Conditions)

Hey friends, here are some updated FAQs and things to know when booking with Crick Visuals. 

Normally we all scroll to the bottom without reading all the fancy contract words, but I've included a TELL IT TO ME STRAIGHT VERSION (CLICK HERE) for all you cool kids who don't have time for the formal mumbo jumbo.


BOOKING FEE There is a $25 booking fee. The fee is non-refundable and will no longer be used towards your total balance.


TURNAROUND TIME* You must pay 50% of your balance before I start editing, and you will receive the full-quality final draft once the full payment has been made. Your video will be ready 1.5-2.5 weeks after your first payment has been made.


*(Note: The logistics and percentages of these payments and timelines are subject to change based on individualized needs of each client, however, if we have not discussed alternative payment/turnaround options, the above statement holds true.)

REVISIONS Any video over $100 includes one (1) set of free revisions. After the first draft is sent you will have four (4) days to send over your desired revisions. Any additional revisions/drafts will cost an additional $50. If your revisions are sent after the 4 day period your video will be moved to the end of the editing queue and your revisions will incur an additional fee.

For videos under $100 each set of revisions will cost $15 (unless you request additional special effects SEE BELOW).


SPECIAL EFFECTS If you have special effects you MUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT BEFORE THE SHOOT. Special effects are no longer included in the base cost of the video.


Special effects include (but are not limited to): making multiples of yourself; removing logos or clothing, covering license plates, fixing blemishes/acne/etc; making objects appear and disappear, adding glowing lines/draw effects, adding videos to tv/phone/computer screens. ETC.

CREATIVE DIRECTION Creative direction will no longer be offered for free. If you’d like me to add my creative ideas I’d be happy to help. We can set up a 30, 60 or 90 minute creative zoom consultation before your shoot date. Contact me at if you have questions.

PAYMENT METHODS. I accept cash, card, PayPal and Venmo. PLEASE NOTE: card, PayPal and Venmo payments will be taxed. (NYC tax is 8.875%).


WETRANSFER The WeTransfer link to your video is only available for 7 days. Please download and save the video to a safe place during that time. There will be an additional $15 fee to resend the link after it has expired.



If you would like the rights to the RAW footage of the shoot you'll need to let Crick Visuals know BEFORE filming. Crick Visuals charges 150% of the total cost of the project for the rights to the RAW footage PLUS the cost of the external hard drive purchased to store your files (if you do not provide your own) and the cost of shipping and handling to mail the hard drive to you once the files have been stored.

Raw footage is also available if Crick Visuals is hired 

VIDEO TEXT The only text that is included in your video will be the title, credits, and your logo. Any additional text will incur an extra fee that will be determined based on the logistics of the text you request.


LIGHTING Lights are not automatically included in your booking. Click HERE for a list of the lights and prices available to add on to your booking. Lighting must be requested in advance. I can set up a lighting plan for you when booking. Email or DM a picture reference of the type of lighting you’re interested in and I’ll let you know the lights you’ll need in order to achieve that look.


BODY MICS/SPEAKING ON CAMERA Audio is always captured when recording, however, if you'd like good quality sound clips included in the final video, I'd recommend including body mics in your rental. I have two (2) body mics available for rental. If interested please contact me at

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