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  • Where is Crick Visuals located? Do you travel?
    Crick Visuals is located in NYC, NY and provides filming services in all 5 boroughs. Crick Visuals does travel, however, transportation will have to be covered by the client for any shoot located outside of the five NYC boroughs.
  • What is the average turnaround editing time for videos?
    STANDARD TURNAROUND TIMES. 1 to 3 Days: Class video recaps. 1-2 Weeks: Videos shorter than 3 minutes. 2+ Weeks: Videos longer than 3 minutes.
  • What if I need my video faster than the standard turnaround time?
    No Problem! Expedited rates are available* upon request. *Please inquire about the availability of this service before booking. Crick Visuals is a one-woman company and there are only so many hours in a day.
  • Why can't I order online? It says online ordering is unavailable.
    The online ordering section is for you to browse options and get a feel for prices and services. However, each video requires its own specific needs/rates, and I want to make sure I know what those needs are before you book. Contact to start your individualized booking process.
  • Does Crick Visuals offer photography services?
    Unfortunately, no. Not at this time.
  • Can Crick Visuals film my wedding?
    Nope. Sorry not sorry. Weddings are far too stressful for me. But there are PLENTY of wonderful wedding videographers out there in the world. I'm sure you'll find someone great.
  • What if I already have footage? Does Crick Visuals edit footage that has already been filmed?
    I sure do! Please shoot me a message ( with the following info and I'll send you a price quote: 1) Length of final video. 2) Number of clips you'll be sending. 3) Length of the clips you'll be sending. (A few minutes of footage, 30 minutes of footage etc) 4) Desired turnaround time. 5) Type of video.
  • What's with the puzzle pieces?
    I've loved jigsaw puzzles since I was little. In pre-school the principal would let me work on jigsaw puzzles during naptime and it made me feel like coolest most special kid in all the land. Fastforward to now to find out that jigsaw puzzles are probably one of the least "cool" hobbies ever. But that wont stop me! What's that got to do with Crick Visuals? For me editing is akin to a digital jigsaw puzzle. I love putting all the pieces together. The corner pieces are the most recognizable: the foundation blocks. You always know where the corner pieces go. So, naturally, my logo is a corner piece. :)

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